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Orange Beach | Film Experience

 In April, Kayla and I were able to take a mini vacation and head to Orange Beach, AL to photograph a wedding.  We love the fact that our job allows us to visit different parts of the country.  I have always heard if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. Since we have started our photography business we haven’t “worked” one day yet!  I have recently become interested in incorporating film with our digital photography.  Of course I know it seems like film is a thing of the past, but you would be surprised on how many big name photographers out there are shooting strictly with film.  I got the film bug from one of my best friends and fellow photographer Christopher Nolan, once he started showing me the photos he was taking with his Leica.  I borrowed my first 35mm film camera (a Nikon F100) from another good friend of ours, Mark Gregory. I was unsure about what I wanted and I knew the F100 was the right choice after I had my first couple of rolls developed.   It always seems like Nolan and I influence one another with our toys and always try to one up each other. So the day we were leaving I called Mark and asked if I could borrow his Mamiya 645AFD to take with us to Alabama. I knew if I shot with a Medium format camera before Nolan did, it would make him want to buy one.  Well this was the case, he ended up buying one before we got back home. It’s all fun and games, but we both have enjoyed the medium format film cameras and I plan on purchasing one for Kayla and I today!! Be on the lookout for a blog post of film pictures from Matt and Beck’s Orange Beach wedding!!

I hope you guys enjoy!!


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