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Nash & Griffin | Little Rock Family Photographer

One summer afternoon I took these 2 cuties out and had some fun! You may have seen them before considering they are my 2 adorable cousins. I must say.. they are such boys and I love it!! Their personalities are just hilarious to me and I am so lucky to be able to capture them as they grow up. Nash (the oldest) is 5 now and it just makes me feel so old. He was my very first newborn session and my baby model. He was all smiles back then.. not so much now. He is just like his daddy in that he does NOT want his picture taken. I was so happy that he warmed up to it in the end and even suggested poses and locations (yep, he must be related to me)!! Have a good weekend y’all!!!


Nash & Griffinpin ITNash & Griffin 2pin ITNash & Griffin 3pin ITNash & Griffin 4pin ITNash & Griffin 5pin ITNash & Griffin 6pin ITNash & Griffin 7pin ITNash & Griffin 8pin IT

Griffin doing the

Nash & Griffin 9pin ITNash & Griffin 10pin ITNash & Griffin 11pin ITNash & Griffin 12pin ITNash & Griffin 13pin ITNash & Griffin 14pin ITNash & Griffin 15pin IT


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