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Jaison & Callie | Little Rock Photographer

We have been lucky to have these two as good friends over the years. If there is one thing the four of us have in common, it is the love we have for photography. When Jaison and Callie asked us to take picture of the two of them, we had no hesitation with saying yes! From the floral headband to the large balloons, there is so much to love about their pictures.

-The McElmurrys

Leslie Maternity_0088pin ITLeslie Maternity_0089pin ITLeslie Maternity_0090pin ITJason & Calliepin IT

Leslie Maternity_0092pin ITJ/Cpin IT

Leslie Maternity_0094pin ITJason & Callie 2pin ITj/c2pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0097pin ITLeslie Maternity_0098pin ITjc3pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0100pin ITLeslie Maternity_0101pin ITjc4pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0104pin ITLeslie Maternity_0105pin ITjc4pin ITLeslie Maternity_0107pin ITLeslie Maternity_0108pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0111pin ITLeslie Maternity_0112pin ITjc6pin IT

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Leslie Maternity_0121pin ITLeslie Maternity_0122pin ITjc8pin ITLeslie Maternity_0123pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0125pin IT
Leslie Maternity_0126pin ITjc9pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0130pin ITLeslie Maternity_0131pin ITLeslie Maternity_0135pin ITLeslie Maternity_0136pin ITjc11pin ITLeslie Maternity_0138pin ITjc11pin ITLeslie Maternity_0140pin ITjc13pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0144pin IT
j/c14pin ITLeslie Maternity_0151pin ITLeslie Maternity_0152pin ITjc99pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0146pin ITLeslie Maternity_0147pin ITjc88pin ITLeslie Maternity_0148pin IT

Leslie Maternity_0156pin IT

0154pin IT

0157pin IT

jc771pin IT

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0163pin IT

0164pin IT

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0167pin IT

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