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Landry’s Newborn

We have had the pleasure to photograph this amazing family over many precious life events. Landry’s newborn pictures look amazing! It is so easy to see how much love this little family of 4 (plus their furry friend) have for each other. Taking pictures of this family has always been one of our favorites and we look forward to taking more in the future!

-The McElmurrys

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0120pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0121pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0122pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0123pin ITFamilypin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0125pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0126pin ITFamily_0127pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0128pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0129pin ITFamily_0130pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0131pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0132pin ITFamily_0133pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0134pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0135pin ITFamily_0136pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0137pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0138pin ITFamily_0139pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0140pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0141pin ITFamily_0142pin IT

Dustin and Chelsea Wedding_0143pin ITDustin and Chelsea Wedding_0144pin ITFamily_0145pin IT



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